This is really wheelchair mover. Reduce Risks of Injuries in the Workplace. Drive by battery powered. Use to friendly and very safe. It is Suitable for standard type wheelchairs and wide range.



GPA Industrial Bin Mover

The GPA Industrial bin mover is an innovative solution to effectively move single and multiple industrial bins, both plastic and steel, quickly and effortlessly to bin emptying areas.


The GPA Bin Mover allows one person to quickly and effortlessly move waste bins to a bin emptying area the GPA Bin Mover do all the work. The GPA Bin Mover is an ideal solution for facilities with multiple waste bins 80-240 litre wheelie bins that need to be regularly moved for emptying. The GPA Bin Mover can move a variety of waste bins and can be customised to suit the needs of your facility

GPA bin mover

Currently all shopping trolley movers need to be pushes manually or pulled using a machine.

GPA Trolley Mover

Eco-innovation is?

To identify new products and to show that we always work according to policy that respects the ecology and the operators: 

    • Battery Electric equipment is clean and quiet: No burning, no use of oil and fuel and with sealed batteries,
    • Devices designed in accordance with the user requirements: Looking for a better ergonomic solution, silent and easy to use
    • Manufacturing in Campbellfild VIC 3064 Australia for a reduced carbon footprint and improved responsiveness

Can I rent an GPA product?

Yes, we can offer selected rental packages:

    • Long-term leasing: Leasing spread over 1-5 years with the possibility of purchase according to the type of lease.
    • Rental for trial before purchase: This rarely exceeds one week(condition apply), it allows you to try in real life our gear before finally buying the equipment.
    • Occasionally we can provide an operator on your site to transport or move equipment (condition apply).

Where to find our products?

Our GPA website/ distribute GPA Australia wide; however for the sake of convenience and service, we have distributors or agents in several regions. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the nearest dealer.


We provide After-sales service of our machines; we have a permanent stock of spare parts.

Electric propulsion is propulsion for present and the future. Indeed, the world has increasing environmental concerns.

GPA electric propulsion system features:

    • Perfectly functioning and silent.
    • No release of combustion gases.
    • Can be utilised within buildings without danger.
    • No consumption of oil or gas.
    • No vibration felt in use unlike combustion engines.
    • A very simple and less frequent maintenance requirement.
    • The autonomy of modern batteries is ample for multiple shifts.
    • All units are very easy to use and safe.
    • A very small footprint.
    • Well-controlled power for the operatorWell-controlled power for the operator.

Why GPA Australia?

    • All of the GPA products are of professional quality, designed to be used every day.
    • Particular attention is given to ergonomics and robustness.
    • We bring our expertise in electrical equipment in every case to our clients.
    • There is stock of spare parts available quickly if required.
    • We make a point of After-Sales Service, either by phone or by Email or by our Service Personnel.
    • We offer sustainable solutions for our maintenance contracts.
    • The machines are manufactured in Australia.